21 September 2014




// Birkenstocks (via the Iconic), Vintage Esprit High Waisted Shorts, Country Road White Shirt, Zara Grey Pullover, Coach Satchel, Collette Dinnigan Aviators, Woolworths Flannelette

When too lazy to make hair look nice and my eyes are drooping because staying up too late trying to complete a law assignment, hair in bun and aviators are the way to go. This post contains some of my all time favourite items that I own. I mentioned earlier that Birks are my go-to comfortable shoe, but another of my favourites is this bag. It's a satchel from Coach, that I was gifted a couple years back. The quality of Coach is just so top notch that even after so many years of usage, it's still in almost perfect condition (note almost perfect). Coach just manages to make bags with such thick and great material that it's capable of withstanding weight such as my laptop, even though it doesn't really fit.. 

I also got this flannel years ago. And when I say years ago, I mean about 5-6 years ago. I bought it from Safeway (before it became Woolies) for a birthday party. I thought I would never wear it again, so I grabbed the cheapest one I could find off the shelf (this was the first time I ever found out that Woolies stocked clothes). But, to be honest, I am so glad I bought it because it's a great piece that I can just tie around any sort of casual outfit. I would never wear it the way it's actually designed to wear, but you'll definitely see me throwing it around my waist more often now. 

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Melbourne weather, before it disappears!


  1. Great look and I love the collar with the sweater! Wonderful!!!

  2. Thankyou!! Just something I quickly layered haha :)


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