21 August 2014



Last weekend I had the pleasure of traveling up to Sydney for less than 72 hours. Unfortunately, our one hour flight was delayed by an hour and a half, but that gave me a reason to start on my uni assignments. Recently, I have only been flying Jetstar, due to the fact that they have crazy cheap prices. Although yes, the seats are not that comfortable and there is no food on the plane, I would rather spend my money on activities in the place that I'm going. Thumbs up to Jetstar, because it always gets me to my destination.


I know we can get Krispy Kremes in Melbourne, but it's always been a thing for me to get them in Sydney due to the fact that when I was younger, it was the only place that I knew you could buy them. I also love that Sydney has a harbour. Water just makes everything better and unlike Melbourne's Yarra River, the water is not black.


During my time in Sydney, I managed to take a trip down to Sydney University. Wow. How else can I describe it apart from 'wow'. I thought that Melbourne University was already so beautiful, but no, I take that back. Additionally, due to the weather, we decided to go rock climbing. Rock climbing for someone who is afraid of heights is not such a good idea. I managed to get to half way up the wall on the easiest wall, and then made my sister bring me down.


One thing that I find difficult about navigating around Sydney CBD, is that the roads are not in a grid like Melbourne's is. But luckily, every time I have been up to Sydney, I have had my trusty Iphone to guide me around with Google Maps. The best view of the Sydney Opera House is from a the Circular Quay to Manly ferry. If you ever go to Sydney, take this ferry, because it is definitely worth it. I also thought that Sydney would be nice and warm last weekend, seeing as the weather was supposed to be 20 and sunny. So I packed for the warmer weather, bringing a dress along. However, whilst I was out in the city in the rain, I wasn't brave enough so I chucked my jeans over the top of my dress. Logic.


For my last meal in Sydney, before I headed back to dreary Melbourne, I went to a sushi train called Sushi Hotaru, which is located in The Galleries. However, since coming back to Melbourne, I realised that we also have one of these exact restaurants in Melbourne. I could literally eat sushi forever it was so good.

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// Look 2:  Canterbury T-shirt, Nike Shorts
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