11 July 2014



Nara's Deers surrounding the Todaji temple are the cutest, except they smelt the worst.


// Vintage White Top, Nike Flex, H&M Skirt, Longchamp Le Pilage Backpack

I jumped on the bandwagon by buying myself a pair of Nikes. Due to the dramatically high prices in Australia, I was always hesitant on buying myself a pair, seeing as though I have plenty of Vans and Converses. However, in Japan, the shoes are often sold at prices slightly more comparable to the American prices. And, how glad I was to be able to purchase these shoes. These Nike Flex's are the softest shoes in the world. Maybe not literally, but they definitely gave my feet a break from the pain that I normally had when being out and about for 10 hours a day in Japan. And excuse the red blotches on my legs. I was attacked by mosquitoes in a bamboo forest.

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