16 June 2014


Here's some winter inspiration on how to layer clothes, because I've been doing who knows what for the last month and a half. 

1. Tumblr

Because I've been slightly neglecting my blog, I've decided to post some winter inspo to get us through our current Swotvac period. These pictures come from some of the blogs that I am constantly following. They're filled with such amazing ways to layer your clothes to get you through the wintery days as well as still being fashionable.

On another note, I am so glad for having all my exams early throughout the examination period, so I'm going to be done on Wednesday! However, I am also dying because of how much I have to write for law. I never knew how tedious it would be to study law, but it's also so rewarding at the same time.

Hope you're all keeping warm during this period.

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