13 April 2014


Everything monochrome is in this season


// H&M Rings, H&M Jersey Skirt, Tony Bianco Highbury Boots, Ruby & Kit Clutch,  H&M Grey Top (similar here & here)

H&M. The most recent hype in Melbourne, Australia. Even a week after the grand opening, last Saturday, there is always a constant line outside H&M. Unfortunately, I haven't been inside, as I've been lazy, but I've heard that the interior is beautiful. Regardless of this, I thought that I would throw together an outfit of the few H&M pieces that I have managed to snag overseas over the past few years. Hopefully everyone is having a great week, although I'm personally drowning in my mid-semester tests and assignments.

1 comment:

  1. I love this wardrobe. I love taking my daughter shopping. I am just mad she doesn't like dressing like this. This style is totally in this summer.

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