10 March 2014


This is my new little getaway area, that I managed to stumble on after my body-killing Body Pump session a couple mornings ago.


// Zara Halter Neck Floral Top, RMK Cyndi White LeatherH&M Red Shorts

If any of you have been to Body Pump, you'll know what I'm talking about. It's a class, essentially for mainly women (and those men who are ripped with their gigantic muscles), to strengthen their core, arms and legs. Since I used to be more of a cardio person, I lack upper body strength - so, let's be honest, after the first round of squats I am literally dying. I ask myself every week why did I come back. It's actually quite embarrassing, as I'm probably the youngest in my class and there are ladies in their 60's squatting 30kg whereas I'm standing there with my miniscule 10kg.
Nevertheless, the other day, I managed to stumble across this parkland, opposite my gym - only because I was running late and had to park the car the furthest away from the entrance. Funny, how I find it a chore to walk an extra 100 metres to the entrance of the gym, when the main point of the gym is to exercise and get fit. Regardless of that, this parkland is absolutely beautiful. It's serene, inviting and utterly quiet (not sure if that's a good thing or not). I thought I absolutely have to shoot here, so I came back later that day to take these photos just before sunset.

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