1 March 2014



"At Longrain, I managed to delve into the best passionfruit drink on the planet - Ping Pong, a lemon and lychee drink infused with Eristoff vodka, passionfruit, lychees and fresh lime juice"


This is the first food post I've done, so here we go!

If you're ever looking for some exquisite Thai food to eat, Longrain is the place to go. Situated at 40-44 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, this restaurant is perfect if you're looking for a night out, or just a bite with friends in the city. Unfortunately the restaurant doesn't take bookings for less than 6 people. Thus, one Thursday I got there crazily early to secure myself a table (which resulted in me sitting at the bar waiting for 1.5 hours for my family, because they decided to take their own sweet time). But, to be honest it was definitely worth the wait.

We shared 5 dishes between four people, accompanied by drinks that can't be compared to anywhere else. In the order of pictures, the dishes are: 
  1. Ping Pong, a lemon and lychee drink infused with Eristoff vodka, passionfruit, lychees and fresh lime juice. 
  2. Freshly shucked Oysters with red chilli nahm jim
  3. Duck, banana blossom, roasted eschalot relish and Chiang Mai sausage
  4. Filled eggnet, pork, prawns, peanuts, caramelised coconut and cucumber relish
  5. Caramelised pork hock with five spice and chilli vinegar
  6. Green papaya salad with snake bean, peanuts and dried shrimp.
Service here is fast and professional, which is definitely as plus. Each dish comes with many fragrant flavours that you can immediately smell and taste, which I applaud Longrain for accomplishing. The only negative side to this, is that unless you love sweet meals, you're going to find some of the 'caramelised' dishes slightly too sweet (which I did). But, to counteract this, some dishes are accompanied by a tangy sauce to cut through the sweetness of the meal. 

Overall, I would recommend this modern Thai restaurant to anyone looking for a good night out with  budget of around $40-50 pp (inclusive of drinks).


  1. the food looks amazing T_____T I'm hungry now <3


  2. It tasted so good as well haha! You should go check it out


  3. I wish! but I live in the States T___T too far XD hehe


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