25 February 2014



When you take a moment to see what your home town actually looks like, you'll never forget how lucky you are to live there.

// Cotton On Leopard Print Dress, All About Eve Jumper, Gold Ring as a Necklace, Tony Bianco Highbury Boots

Last Thursday I dined at Longrain, which is on Little Bourke, in Melbourne. Following dinner, I took some of these photos near Parliament, before heading on a sweet, walk during sunset back to Flinders Street Station. It's not often that we take the time to appreciate the city that we live in. Last Thursday was one of the first times I was able to see the city from a different view. A view that was less busy and I wasn't caught up in running errands and just getting from one place to another. Melbourne city is beautiful at night, and when one takes the time to see the city from another perspective, it is one hell of an amazing city.

Photos: Tessa Lo

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