3 October 2013


//ASOS white cut out dress, Steve Madden heels, Alex Perry aviators.
{photos: Tessa}

The bright light and summer dress gives these photos a feeling of warmth and an indication that Summer is right around the corner. But.. These photos are quite deceptive as it was crazily cold when we took them. I had to drag my sister out of bed to make the most out of the sunny day before those wretched thunderstorms and winds hit. I'm wishing for the warm Summer days to come, so we can say goodbye to these Winter ones for another year. On another note, the dress I'm wearing has this gorgeous cut out at the back, but unfortunately I don't have any photos to show you guys (that aren't blurry).

Until next time  -- J


  1. That cut out ASOS dress is super stunning. I love the embellishments at the waist x



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