11 October 2013


// Don't Ask Amanda oversized festival dressUNIQLO red corduroy button-up shirt, Converse hi sneakers, Harmonica necklace from Glue Store, Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses.
{Photos: Henry}

The sunshine today was perfect for photo-taking (with my Polaroid camera too). My outfit here definitely highlights the stark contrast between my style and Julia's. I love wearing crazy prints, like the paisley one on my dress. It was super windy so the shirt I borrowed off Henry provided some light protection from the elements. Its bold red colour wouldn't make it hard to spot me in a crowd! I'm not much of a heels kind of girl, so I'm 100% okay with pairing my dresses with some sneakers. Some might strongly disagree with such a look, but I appreciate all outfits casual and comfortable.

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  1. I love your red jacket, it brings so much to the outfit! And you look gorgeous on all the pictures! xx Maylis



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